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Help us make a new tool to guide network mappers

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We are surrounded by complex systems and power structures, not least of which are the networks of links between people by which they change and are changed. Understanding these links can sometimes have important consequences - for instance if you see that a policy-maker has strong personal ties to a lobbying organisation, you may see their decisions in a different light.

Mapping these social networks of influence can be an important tool for researchers, journalists, activists and others. There are many tools and methods out there aiming to do just this, and for the last few months we’ve been actively engaging with the Influence Mappers community, who are working to create standards and resources that help those trying to document relationships between people, organisations, and political processes.

The Influence Mapping Toolbox

Over the next few months, iilab will be working on developing the Influence Mapping Toolbox, which will help newcomers (and more experienced people too) get started, learn and achieve their influence mapping goals.

It will provide information about inspiring projects, as well as the different methods and tools available for different teams and goals. We will build it using a human centered approach and will make our results available as we progress.

Our team will be made up of Kat (me), Head of Research and Design, Lilas, Research Associate, and Jun.

We need you!

We want to hear from both the experienced influence mapping community and with people just starting out. Your feedback will help us better design the Influence Mapping Toolbox.

Just starting a project? Recently developed one or a few projects? We’d like to invite you to answer our questionnaire.

It will only take 10 minutes of your time and will help a lot to build the toolbox. You also can get in touch directly via email to influencemapping@iilab.org or by following the Influence Mapping Google Group thread.

From experienced practitioners, we’d particularly like to hear about:

  • Thinking back to when you first started on your influence mapping project, what were the questions you had and what type of resource would you have wanted as a guide?
  • Do you know anyone who’s just getting started on an influence mapping project?

For more information about our process, please check out the community’s Influence Mapping Toolbox announcement, or get in touch to have a chat at .