Dr. Kat Austen

Open Droplet features on Serpentine Gallery's extinct.ly platform

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“the spectre of extinction looms over the ways in which we understand our being in the world today.”

At London’s Serpentine Gallery this weekend thinkers, scientists and artists are coming together to focus on this ever present spectre at the Extinction Marathon.

Understanding that it is only through collective action that we might avoid a disaster on a global scale, the gallery has commissioned extinct.ly, an online platform to act as a resource for researchers and those who wish to effect change.

We are honoured that Open Droplet has been picked to appear alongside other excellent projects such as hack4good and our project partner Open Oil as the first projects to feature in extinct.ly’s launch.

On Open Droplet’s page on extinct.ly you can experience the near-future scenario that we have crafted around water scarcity.