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Partnership and proof of concept

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We’re happy to reveal a couple of marvellous videos for you.

iilab is partnering on Open Droplet with Resurgence, an organisation based in London’s Open Data Institute (ODI) and focussing on creating smart, disaster resilient cities. We are hoping to work together to leverage the Internet of Things to make water measurement more open, collaborative and affordable.

Off the back of some of our preliminary research, one key component of what we are planning to do with Open Droplet is to provide context to the data collected by individual sensors. This will involve a two-way flow of data between individuals, and utilities and public bodies who are responsible for the water infrastructure. This turns Open Droplet into more than just a water sensor - it’s a means of understanding how individual water flows fit within the overall water infrastructure.

We’ve put together a video to present the overall vision of the project in terms of environment and resilience. Here it is, with thanks to Mark Harvey from Resurgence, Open Videographer wizard Sam Muirhead, and Alex Shure, Jun Matsushita and (ahem, the very camera shy) yours truly from the Open Droplet team.

Open Droplet for Smart and Stress Resilient Cities from iilab on Vimeo.

We’d also like to show off the progress we’ve made on Open Droplet hardware development. Alex has created this great video of his work, showing how he’s now got the microphone registering low frequency noise (which should correspond to shower noise) and measuring that noise for as long is it detects it. Here’s a demonstration of the proof of concept for the Open Droplet design.

Open Droplet Technology Update from iilab on Vimeo.